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My interview with Robosaurus Draws

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Had an awesome interview with Dominic from Robosaurus Draws. To be honest I was really nervous, but Dom helped me bring out quite a few thought which has been going through my head.

The main theme being connecting with people in your team has always been something close to my heart. My experience in Korea has opened me up to looking at culture a little differently, and how people in Korean teams treat each other like a friend to learn from rather than a person who is involved in a work transaction. That has really something I have been actively trying to create in places I've worked, albeit a little unsuccessfully. =/

The other being this "collective will" thing that I have experienced. There are extremely small projects that I have been involved in which has really accomplished something significant despite being small. Similarly there are big projects that .... after awhile suffer from a lack of will to succeed. I have been thinking of this for a bit and talked friends about it. But never managed to really structure it in a way that can help teams. I think this could be something i expanded upon.

Another one being, I know that I have always animated differently from the traditional blocking and splining, but I haven't really tried to articulate like ... how I do it, and why it works for me. I think this is a point I should spend some time thinking about. Last lesson (i teach animation) I was trying to show my students how I animate and one of my students asked " have you always animated from the hip outwards? " without me specifically teaching it. And I was a little taken aback because I have not looked at how my style has evolved over the years.

I think there is probably something there and I should start talking about it one day. Anyway looking at myself talk is too cringe-worthy, so I am going to leave it here , for .... maybe just an archive of how I've changed over the years. Hopefully I can have the courage to look at him in a few years.

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