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Project Nostalgia Gets selected to be in Unite 2019 Showcase

What started as a small project in our free time turned out pretty good, Lin Ping, me and Adeline got invited to showcase our 6 week Unity Project in Singapore's Unite 2019! Frankly, our game is not the best platformer out there, being done from scratch by 3 artists... you kind-of know what you're dealing with. But we got quite some decent mileage from it and had a blast making it nonetheless.

Unite 2019 is as exciting as ever. So many new features I can hardly keep up.

Our little booth =D

Lin Ping doing her classic blink on every photo!

While boothing, I also showcased Redeye's new game "Rocket Rooster"! It is now live so go get it on all major app stores. Or you can visit our webpage at


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