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Technical Animator


Scripts and Workflow that I developed and use


Animhub : My main workflow tool

This is my pet project which I am using and developing for the past few years. It has helped me in various projects but I think it would help animators greatly. I will cover the usage in a blog post here. 

It is able to export cycles directly from Maya into Unity or any engine, dynamically animate and see it in engine. Minus all the export procedures

It has some cool tools like foot snapping, shifting keyframes in bulk, easy load/unload reference and more!


Animhub is still in development, so, do expect some kinks =)

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Hotkeys : Playback Toggle Script for Maya 2019.1 

Maya's playback toggle is bugged in 2019 and if you need a script to tide you through this crisis, look no further.

Hotkeys : Quickly Turn on/off nurbs Curves on viewport

It is easier to use a hotkey to toggle on/off Nurbs Curves.

Map this script to a hotkey to speed up your workflow

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