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Technical Animator


Projects I have been fortunate to contribute to

Skull and Bones

MMO Ship based RPG

My first foray into AAA games is probably one of the most delayed games in history. But it is still one of the most fun experiences I had. Working with tonnes of extremely talented people who, seem to get forgotten in all the negative press we have. 

Working in Ubisoft Singapore, you get one of the friendliest colleagues in the industry, who comes to your help in a moment's notice. Despite working through the pandemic, having to learn a new engine, pipelines and workflows, I really had a great time


Disney Epic Quest

MOBA-Styled Action RPG (Android/ IOS) 

This game is a gigantic quest for the development team in Redeye and Gogame SG

I was the Lead Animator in this quest and oh god, where do I start? 

We worked with Anima-Mundi in Malaysia with a team of around 27 people to complete the project.

I had to figure out multiple systems. How to instruct their Rigging, Modelling and Animation teams (As they have absolutely no knowledge of gaming requirements). How to handle submissions, track feedback and also file management. 

This project also helped me finalized my pipeline scripts for Redeye. So with just 1 person, I can check animation, give feedback, track status, submit to Disney and Pixar and also manage integration into game engine.  

From scratch, we managed to work out a PVE MOBA system. It was a huge learning curve but we figure out the ins and outs of MOBA. How to breakdown the cycle, how to integrate into engine, how to cancel skill, do camera shake, gacha scenes, animate damage indicators.


All 80 characters and bosses have a different attack style, different buff, different range, attack span, attack time, charge and hits point. I think I should cover more in a blog post.

Meanwhile check out the game footage HERE

One Piece : Bounty Rush

Action RPG (Android/ IOS) 

This project has been gone through fair bit of ups and downs. This was also my first action RPG. No one in the team had any actual experience with ARPG and I had to learn from scratch. Looking at game rigs and tonnes of references and tutorials later, i figured out a system of rigging that was optimized on mobile. 


I also had to solve the issue of stretch as Luffy is an insanely flexible rubber boy ! 

Utilizing all leaf nodes, I was able to  ensure the most flexibility in Luffy, as well as all other characters in the game. We had around 90 different characters in game.


As this was my first venture into ARPG, there was a lot of bootstrapping to get things done. Eventually the game's development switched hands but all animation we did was intact and still in the final released game


Check out the game footage HERE

Big Hero 6 : Bot Fight

Match-3  (Android/ IOS) 

Big Hero 6 is my first game with Disney, the team from USA Disney Interactive came to down to Singapore for this collaboration. 


I was the 3D Animator for this project, guiding a junior animator. We were in charge of the characters who jumped out when an ultimate match was made. It was a really pleasant project and the producer from Disney , Tim, was really pleased with the results. Almost all cycles were approved the first time it was submitted.  

Check out the game footage HERE.

More Projects Description Coming soon ... ... 

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